Welcome to Nebraska Wine Country

Wine Tastings at Kimmel Orchard & Vineyard

It’s exciting and humbling to be a part of Nebraska’s growing wine industry since 1925. Our experience paired with the property’s lush land are the things winemakers dream about—and every variety of fruit you taste in our wine is grown right here onsite.

In fact, premium grapes have been grown throughout the area since the early eighteenth century. Our unique soil geology, nestled in the Loess Hills of the Missouri River Valley, has been lovingly cared for over decades and is found in only two places on earth. Its components create an especially fertile farmland and fantastic growing conditions.

Here’s a sneak preview of our wine tasting guide, which describes each of our varietals and blends.

Taste for Yourself

Ripe for the picking, explore the wide variety of wines you can sample in our tasting room and take home for a special occasion or just a nice night on the porch.

Fresh pour sampling is only $5 for four selections—and, you get to keep your wine glass as a souvenir.

The tasting room offers open seating for those looking to enjoy a quick glass and reserve areas for larger groups. Contact us if you’d like to plan ahead.

Homegrown goodness, from vine to glass.

Click on any bottle image to learn more about each wine selection.