Ginger Gold


This mildly flavored apple offering a tart finish has a soft yellow coloring. Ginger Gold offers good quality and lasting freshness for both baking and eating raw.

Harvested: August



The Zestar apple packs a rather tart taste with just a hint of brown sugar. It can produce a delightful fresh apple cider with a bit more zip than other […]



A very sweet and juicy summer apple, Gala is a cross between Kidd’s Orange Red and Golden Delicious. This small and fragrant fruit showcases yellow undertones with red strains. It’s […]

Golden Delicious


This juicy, sweet, honey-flavored apple is medium in size and clear yellow in color with occasional reddish highlights. Many apple lovers believe this is what a well-balanced apple should taste […]

Honey Crisp


This cross between a Macoun and Honeygold is crisp and juicy. The sugar to acid ratio is well balanced, and the tree itself is bred specifically for winter hardiness. Its […]



Part Jonathan and Golden Delicious, this large fruit is striped red over yellow and tastes juicy and sweet. A very good apple for eating raw, it has a well-balanced flavor […]



Pinovas are crisp with intermediate levels of both sweetness and tartness. The tree produces heavy yielder and the apples have an excellent storage life. Yellow in color with an orange-pink […]

Red Delicious


Coarse-textured and tough-skinned, this juicy apple is known for its large to medium, tapered shape and pointed bottom. It’s well-adapted to temperate areas and does less well in warm climates, […]



A Kimmel Orchard favorite, this medium-sized apple has a thin, cherry red-blushed skin and a crisp, juicy taste. The yellowish-white flesh has a sprightly flavor that keeps well, dries well […]



Shizuka is a large, yellow apple with a red-orange blush. Sweeter with less acid than Mutsu with excellent flavor, this apple has the same origan as Mutsu (Crispin).

Harvested: September