Here we are in February and snow is covering the ground. Forecasts are actually showing some pretty nice weather coming our way soon, but we really could use some more moisture.
Pruning is well under way on the apple trees and even though there are a few weeks of work to go on the apples we must look forward to the future and start planning ahead. Grapes are next on our agenda. When we prune apples a surprising amount of wood is removed from the tree. Most folks are shocked when they see a before and after pruned apple tree. Pruning grapes is even more drastic. Over 90% of lasts years growth is removed. The only remaining wood is the trunk, cordons and the renewal spurs. A renewal spur is a cane that developed the previous growing season and is cut back to 2 or 3 buds. This years fruiting canes and crop develop from the buds left on the renewal spur.

If you want to learn more about growing grapes we invite you to join us at our next training session on Saturday March 24,2018 which will be covering all aspects of grape production. We will go over vineyard placement, choosing varieties, planting, trellising, pest control and harvest. More information about this class will soon follow on our Facebook page and website or feel free to call at 402-256-5032.

As we are quickly approaching another season here at Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard there will be several new things to for everyone to enjoy. Our new Pollinator Playground is absolutely fantastic. Another new attraction is the Kimmel Nature Trail. Walk the trail and learn about the flora and fauna of the Missouri River Valley. We are also in the planning stages of developing demonstrations of some of the new technologies and growing practices that are currently being utilized by the fruit production industry. So, come join us at the orchard for some great family fun.

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Vaughn Hammond –Orchard Operations and Education Team Leader